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Addiction treatment and drugs

Addiction care

Foundation The Quill is focusing on addiction care related to substances as alcohol, XTC, heroine and cocaine. To be addicted means in practice that people are dependent on one or more substances and that they spend a considerable part of their day on its provision. Because of this dependence problems raise in various parts of life such as housing, work and social contacts.

Care for an addicted fellow human being has to be all-embracing. This means the improvement of living conditions and health as well as the break down of the addiction all together. This approach increases the chances for success for the people involved so they can be part of the community again. Another goal of this approach is to restore the self-confidence of people who are addicted.

The treatment of the addiction is only one element of a whole complex of problems: the person and his/her problems in life are the central issues.

Information on drugs

For the environment (parents, family, friends, teachers, health care professionals) it is important to be well-informed about the various sorts of drugs and their risks.

These websites provide more information (in Dutch):